Lost Souls Aboard the Titanic Were Never Fully Lost


Lost souls aboard the Titanic were never fully lost; they have evolved into a collective of advanced consciousness and they are here with messages and even warnings for humanity.

In the early morning hours of Earth Day 2020, I was awoken from sleep by an insistent clairaudient voice that was raised to a near shout, “We are Titanic. We are Titanic! Titanic!” The voice continued its urgent message of identification until I was wide awake. Once I was fully awake and aware, I knew an important message was coming, so I closed my eyes and waited. Now that The Titanic had my attention, the voice stopped. The air around me grew eerily quiet. I lay perfectly still and waited.

First, I saw a flash of blueness. Then in a frozen frame, I saw human skeletons. From these skeletons came a sense of benevolence and concern but also a warning of impending death. No sooner than I was able register these impressions, the skeletons transformed into light beings of navy blue, silver and white light. Then the messages began.

Lost souls aboard the Titanic were never fully lost. These souls have evolved into a collective consciousness. In order to heal their trauma experience and find a new purpose, they have become very highly evolved spiritually. This collective refer to themselves as ‘The Titanic’ which is no longer a sole reference to the ship, but to a group of souls who are now ascended masters.

The Titanic continue to work for the safety and protection of all on Earth. Their specialty is helping to stop preventable disasters from happening. The Titanic are under the mentorship of “Michael, a high force” i.e. Archangel Michael, who was and is their spiritual teacher and guide. They are favoured by Michael, who literally took The Titanic under his wing, and they now have a very close working relationship.

The Titanic are gravely concerned about COVID-19. They do not feel the pandemic is over at this time and warn us that to abandon restrictions and precautions now could cause us to lose all the gains we’ve made against this disease and could result in a massive loss of life.

Again, The Titanic are here to aid humanity in stopping preventable disasters from occurring. They see COVID-19 as today’s iceberg. They want to help us avoid sinking our ship. The warning they have given me is that restrictions will begin to ease soon, but it is too early, it is unsafe to proceed. Also, there is not enough respirators and equipment for everyone, which The Titanic find very concerning. Human beings have a habit of not having enough lifeboats during their disasters. They see history repeating itself in a different scenario, which is exactly what they want to stop. I urge everyone to consider the warning from The Titanic:

“COVID-19 is your iceberg. Do you want to sink your boat, or do you want to stay afloat? We already know there are not enough ventilators, which are your lifeboats. If that is really your wish, to use your freedom to sink your boat – the iceberg is right ahead.”

The message could not be more clear. The Titanic are warning us that we are headed straight for another iceberg. What we do with that information is up to us. Sometimes we are too proud to admit that maybe we’ve been going in the wrong direction, that we need to re-chart a safer course of action, but if our lives depended on it, would this be enough to save our souls?

This is an SOS. 

Thank you for your interest in New Age Creator: You are the Creator of a New Earth and New Age. Please look for an upcoming, in-depth discussion and reading of ‘Lost souls aboard the Titanic were never fully lost’ on my podcast. I may also upload a video on this post to my YouTube Channel. Stay safe!

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