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A Guided Meditation with Titanic’s Ascended Masters

Titanic Lifeboat

Welcome, everyone. Thank you for being here and for demonstrating your willingness to connect with Titanic’s Ascended Masters, a collective of beings who refer to themselves simply as ‘The Titanic.’

This guided mediation is a follow-up post to Lost souls aboard the Titanic were never fully lost which gives a background as to how Titanic’s Ascended Masters first made contact with me on Earth Day, 2020. Their greatest concern at this time is COVID-19, which is what I feel prompted their urgent contact. Please note this is a big post; I am mindful and appreciative of everyone’s time, as are The Titanic, who very much look forward to working with you. A YouTube video has also been filmed, which will be uploaded in the coming week. If you are ready to begin the meditation:

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How Staying Healthy at Home Has Really Been a Brat Camp for the Soul

Brat camp for the soul

Staying healthy at home has really been a brat camp for the soul. The experience of a pandemic has given us both tragedies and opportunities. While hunkering down for COVID-19, I found myself creating in ways I never would have thought possible; creating in ways I never would have done if it was business as usual. 20 years of suppressed spiritual information has come bursting forth. A new journey has begun.

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