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Youtube Video For: A Guided Meditation With Titanic’s Ascended Masters

When we think about the Titanic, we tend to think of those who survived the disaster (or maybe even the James Cameron film). What ever happened to the lost souls aboard the Titanic?

Many have evolved into Ascended Masters under Archangel Michael. They are here with messages and even warnings for humanity.

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A Guided Meditation with Titanic’s Ascended Masters

Titanic Lifeboat

Welcome, everyone. Thank you for being here and for demonstrating your willingness to connect with Titanic’s Ascended Masters, a collective of beings who refer to themselves simply as ‘The Titanic.’

This guided mediation is a follow-up post to Lost souls aboard the Titanic were never fully lost which gives a background as to how Titanic’s Ascended Masters first made contact with me on Earth Day, 2020. Their greatest concern at this time is COVID-19, which is what I feel prompted their urgent contact. Please note this is a big post; I am mindful and appreciative of everyone’s time, as are The Titanic, who very much look forward to working with you. A YouTube video has also been filmed, which will be uploaded in the coming week. If you are ready to begin the meditation:

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