A Guided Meditation with Titanic’s Ascended Masters

Titanic Lifeboat

Welcome, everyone. Thank you for being here and for demonstrating your willingness to connect with Titanic’s Ascended Masters, a collective of beings who refer to themselves simply as ‘The Titanic.’

This guided mediation is a follow-up post to Lost souls aboard the Titanic were never fully lost which gives a background as to how Titanic’s Ascended Masters first made contact with me on Earth Day, 2020. Their greatest concern at this time is COVID-19, which is what I feel prompted their urgent contact. Please note this is a big post; I am mindful and appreciative of everyone’s time, as are The Titanic, who very much look forward to working with you. A YouTube video has also been filmed, which will be uploaded in the coming week. If you are ready to begin the meditation:


Take a deep breath; hold for a moment and release. Allow yourself to become centred, which simply means directing your focus within. Give yourself permission to relax. If you have things to do afterward, it’s a good idea to visualise a to-do list, and leave your to-do list in a cubby box, knowing that you can return to these things later. For now, we are going to enter into this meditation, if you so choose. If you are ready, allow your mind’s eye to open.

Access your inner soul scape and within this inner soul scape, you are standing under a starry sky, on a fair, moonlit night on the shore of a beach. Take a moment to breathe in the sea air and connect with your surroundings. Feel the sand under your feet. In your hand is a piece of parchment paper and when you open the paper, you see that it’s an invitation for you to attend an evening aboard the ship, Titanic and to meet with Titanic’s Ascended Masters along with Archangel Michael.

Know that you are perfectly safe and in no danger. The ship Titanic has risen in spirit and now sails around the Earth and across the cosmos. Many of the souls who were aboard the ship have continued to evolve under Archangel Michal’s guidance and are now Titanic’s Ascended Masters or simply, The Titanic. They have raised the ship and now welcome guests to come aboard for spiritual gatherings, guidance and meditation.

You notice a large, white lifeboat has come ashore next to you. With your invitation in hand, you step inside the lifeboat, if you so choose. Take an oar and push yourself off the land, and out to sea, which is calm and non-threatening. In the distance you see the majestic ship, the Titanic, in the moonlight. There is no air of tragedy, or pain or sorrow around the ship and the ship is now as it was meant to be, a welcoming ship of prosperity and grandeur. In no time at all, your lifeboat reaches the ship and you easily climb up a ladder with almost no effort. You are surrounded by people in period dress; they have smiles on their faces and they welcome you aboard. Everything around you is large and spacious. You are now walking among Titanic’s Ascended Masters.

You make your way inside the ship into a large ballroom, where you can see a gathering is taking place. Your name is announced, you are welcomed and you take your seat. There is much humdrum of pleasantries and activity and you may or may not be receiving messages and connecting with various members of The Titanic. Take a few moments to say hello to these beings, for they are happy to begin working with you. I will give you a few moments to do that…

Once you’ve met with Titanic’s Ascended Masters, you notice a hush extends over the group. The energy begins to raise further as a rich, royal blue light fills the space, along with a beautiful silver light and then pure white light. It’s Archangel Michael. He is here to meet with you and work with you and offer you guidance in your everyday life. Feel his strength and protection as he offers you ways to better protect yourself. Hear his messages and guidance now. Take a few moments to connect with Michael… After you have connected with Archangel Michael, he takes a very large seat next to a stage, and a spokesperson for Titanic’s Ascended Masters, who wishes to be known as Bertha, begins to deliver her general address:

Hello, I am Bertha. I am part of the Titanic. I deliver this address to all until such a time as these issues are resolved:

Treat everyone as if they are First Class

It is time to treat everyone equally. Everyone is first class now. Many people would like to have equality for themselves but tend forget about equality for other people. To truly be equal, it is time to want equality for everyone else on Earth just as much as you want it for yourself.

Raise your fist and shout for equality for others just as passionately as you would for yourself, only then will we truly achieve global equality. But know also that equality is not always something you demand from someone else. “I want you to give me.” Equality is something you can give to others as well as yourself from the heart. Start looking around you each day for simple opportunities to extend equality and kindness to others. This could be simple common courtesies, or you may see someone else in need. Do you see someone getting the short end of the stick? Give them your stick! Worry not about your stick or where your next stick is coming from. Look for your next opportunity to give, instead. If we all begin to give equally, so too will we receive more than we could ever need. The Universe, will love this symphony, you wait and see how she responds!

Next, we must work to extend that equality beyond the human species to include all life and the Earth herself. Are we treating the Earth as if she is first class, or are we trading her like a commodity? If we’re not treating her like first class, why not? She is four billion years old and is a priceless gem travelling through eons of space and time. She is mother to countless forms life. If anyone should be treated as first class, it is her. And think about her children, her animal children, I am speaking of. Think how protective a mother is of her children. How do you think the Earth Mother feels when her children are mistreated? Bring back respect for the spirits of animals who provide you with food and clothing and companionship. We ask you to keep all these things in your heart and in your mind. Make your own contribution, put your own message out there but do it with love. Love is the common language that everyone understands.

Another of Titanic’s Ascended Masters, Thomas, takes to the stage. His energy is fiery and passionate:

Look for your Lifeboats

A common problem we see, and this is huge, is that human beings have a tendency to embark on journeys without proper lifeboats, that is, without the correct provisions and precautions. We see it time and again and this has been a big push for us to continue evolving, to continue working with Archangel Michael, so that we could get involved and help.

We are currently travelling around the globe, perceiving recipes for disaster and when we find them, we whisper in your ear:

“You need better preparations”

“You need to get gas (or petrol) for you car now at this station, don’t wait.”

“Don’t go down that way, go this way.”

Because, the truth is, we can say “No one could have known, no one could have predicted this or that would happen.” But that’s not entirely true. We could have known the risks of our disaster, and we could have predicted and anticipated the dangers and taken appropriate steps. We weren’t paying enough attention! But now we turn it over to you. Are your eyes and ears open? We are not here to spread fear, or point fingers or place blame. We want each person to be awake and aware of their environment. It is up to you to save your souls. That is our personal plea. Angels have been working with you. The Titanic are also working with you now. Let us help you avoid disaster, thank you.

Thomas leaves the stage and the following message comes from the group as a whole:

Nothing is Unsinkable

All things carry varying degrees of vulnerability. A newly hatched bird is more vulnerable than a human child and that child is more vulnerable than a grown man. You may consider yourself a survivor, but know that you are not unsinkable. That was our lesson and it will be yours, if you do not take careful action. Your country is not unsinkable and humanity is not unsinkable. This is not a time for ‘every person for themselves’, this is a time for ‘every person for every person’. But it must be done right. We are here to tell you it is not time to abandon precautions or restrictions regarding COVID-19. Oh, yes! We wish to make our position clear on this.

We see you potentially heading for disaster and that is why we are here, to help you avoid it. We are ready to personally be there for you to help guide you from the energetic plane, but know this plane is very close to your plane. We have said that COVID-19 is your iceberg, and ventilators are your lifeboats, and there is not enough to go around. So we want you to understand something regarding this disease. Please follow common sense, be cautious, understand the rules are there to help you, please follow them. Keep your eyes and ears open. We love you and we are here for you. We are the TITANIC.

It’s time to thank the Titanic’s Ascended Masters for their advice. You say your goodbyes for now, knowing that you can reconnect with the Titanic anytime you wish. You exit the ballroom and board your lifeboat. As you row ashore, you see Titanic’s Ascended Masters waving goodbye as they depart into the cosmos. For now, their work is done. So is yours. In the distance, you can see your home town or city, and you begin heading back there with ease. Become aware of your physical body; perhaps you are in your lounge room at home, or aboard a train commuting to or from work. Wherever you are, be aware of your surroundings, as you slowly ease into your everyday activities. You may also wish to pick up your to-do list from the cubby box!

A sincere thank you for reading New Age Creator Blog: You Are the Creator of a New Earth and New Age. Please look for upcoming videos on my YouTube channel as well as podcast on Titanic’s Ascended Masters and other topics. Be well, stay safe!

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