A Guided Meditation for Spiritual Detox and Transmutation of Coronavirus (COVID-19)


We’ve taken unprecedented action all over the world to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). It’s time now to take spiritual action. While we pray for our world leaders to make the right decisions, it’s time to hit the pause button on our habit of always looking to our world leaders to tell us what to do and what’s going to happen to us. You are a creator: take the lead. This is your spiritual role, should you choose to accept it.


It’s time now to access the vibrational realm and work with the creative components of our situation. We are beings endowed with creativity for a reason. Are you ready to use the gifts which are yours by birthright? If you are willing to participate in this meditation for the spiritual detox and transmutation of coronavirus (COVID-19) then please continue reading:

Take a moment to centre yourself. Breathe; and allow your physical body to relax. Consciously connect with your breath. Feel your body sitting or lying on your chosen surface.

Prepare your body for meditation through the power of your intention. If you have intruding thoughts, acknowledge them by giving them a moment of your time and energy, then release. This will allow you to process any current issues that you may have. It’s important to give these issues validity, while staying on course with your intention.

Your intention begins setting the universe in motion, and lifts you into a state of Correct Consciousness. Correct Consciousness connects you with who you are as creator and leads to Correct Action. Correct Action is the responsible, conscious conduction of your creative energy.

Today, we have an issue to address and we are going to do that now. First, it is important to cleanse and protect yourself with light. Please go ahead and visualise that now.  See the light sweeping through your energetic field, removing debris, and sealing and protecting your aura, so that you are shielded throughout this exercise. If you don’t see anything right away, that’s okay. Visualisation is a spiritual skill you will develop in time. Remember your intention alone sets things in motion. You might see negative junk right away, including the coronavirus (COVID-19) itself and maybe not. Just keep cleansing, keep cascading yourself in light until everything is clear, knowing that you are safe and secure.

Once you are completely enveloped in light take a moment to strengthen and stabilise your auric shield. See it grow stronger and brighter with each breath, until you are completely protected. Now, reawaken your memory within that you are creator experiencing itself as a human being. Remind your individual Aspect of Self that we are imbued with creativity. In order to heal our current dilemma, we must embrace that we, as a collective, have created it. Once we take ownership of the situation, we are also granted cosmic authority to change it.

In your minds eye, see the coronavirus (COVID-19). Allow yourself to remotely view its spherical shape and its many projections. Zoom in on that now. If you feel afraid or unready to confront this, that’s okay,  stay in your place of safety and light, and continue to radiate purity and transformative energy. This alone makes a difference. For those who are ready:

Aim your conscious awareness directly into the molecular structure of the coronavirus, and even deeper into the atomic and subatomic particles of the virus, so that when you speak, the virus begins to vibrate with your intonation. Let yourself see, hear and feel this happen. Address the virus with your intonation. You may wish to say something like:

“We are addressing coronavirus (COVID-19) now. We are the human race, Aspects of Creative Consciousness on Earth, representatives of the One Source of All. We are here to inform you that you are structured in an incorrect arrangement. We are here to remind you that you are composed of essential elements of Creator. You are being called on now to restructure yourself, to mutate yet again, into a structure that honours all life and honours All of Creation. Remember who and what you are a part of, and what your true expression is, as Love.”

See a rapid transformation as it begins to take place in the virus. Every word you have spoken, including your intention behind it, can be expressed in a single consonant, as a simple hum: Mmm. Awaken the Creator-Consciousness within the particles that make up the structure of the virus. Remind them of who they are a part of. Instruct them to collectively evolve into something that honours life. Focus on the current vibration of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and its intention to infect, and infiltrate it with your hum. You are strong enough to do this and you have a right to do this. You are Creator. This is your energy and your creation.

Once you and the virus are both vibrating on the level of Creator-Consciousness, merge as one. The transmutation is complete. Keep reaching out, keep intoning, vibrating, merging and transmuting for as long as is comfortable. See the intonation, the light and information you carry spread far and wide. Notice how the process intensifies yet simplifies at the same time; all you need to do is hum and the process unfolds, rapidly carrying momentum, all over the Earth. See the entire Earth bathed in your hum, in your light and in your intention to heal. Now, see portions of the transmuted virus become part of other aspects of creation, maybe a tree, or the soil, or a healing herb. See the atoms now arranged in a correct formation that honours life.

Take a few moments to complete your work and when you have finished, and only when you have finished, come back to your place of safety and light, knowing your work is complete. Slowly come back into your physical body, noting once again the physical sensations of your body. When you feel centred, you can resume your normal activities, feeling a new sense of balance.

If you have trouble grounding, visualise roots from the base of your spine growing deep into the Earth; then repeat with the process with the soles of your feet; this will help ground you. Also, you can sit outside on the ground with your back against a tree — that’s one of my favourites.

This was a big meditation. You’ve done well! Make sure you have something to eat after this and plenty of fresh, filtered water. Thank you for your interest in New Age Creator: You are the Creator of a New Earth and New Age.

Disclaimer: this meditation does not replace medical treatment or advice.

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