How Staying Healthy at Home Has Really Been a Brat Camp for the Soul

Brat camp for the soul

Staying healthy at home has really been a brat camp for the soul. The experience of a pandemic has given us both tragedies and opportunities. While hunkering down for COVID-19, I found myself creating in ways I never would have thought possible; creating in ways I never would have done if it was business as usual. 20 years of suppressed spiritual information has come bursting forth. A new journey has begun.

The alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and the Moon on April 14-16 while tough to handle energetically, really showed many of us what we are made of. I personally have been in a massive spiritual wash cycle during COVID-19. All of the difficulties related to honouring my spiritual path that I’ve encountered in the past have come up to the surface, literally pulled up I feel, by the raw power of the cosmos. Though simultaneously, all these old issues suddenly seem so unimportant, melting away like icicles in the sun.

What I’ve realised, what’s become apparent to me, is that all over the globe, everyone is going through exactly the same thing. We are all in this together. We are all in a brat camp for the soul. Moving forward, it’s become clear that this is it. No more shenanigans. It’s time to shape up. The planetary shift is going ahead. We are going to witness a shift in human consciousness on a planetary scale within our lifetime that is going to completely revolutionise life on Earth. How incredibly awesome is that?

Yet how do we reconcile this with the loss of life, the human suffering? I don’t have all the answers. What I do have, is my frequency, my conscious vibration. I have a sense of gratitude that I am safe thus far, and I am more determined than ever to make my own life count for something positive in the lives of others. I’m not messing around anymore. This is my truth. This is what I know.

The goal of my spiritual guidance, the New Age C, is more or less a directive from Big C / Creator. That is, for all human beings on Earth to awaken to the identity of Creator within themselves. The New Age C definitely have more to say on this, and I intend to do more channeling sessions this weekend for more clarification, as well as producing another video for YouTube and all the wonderful stuff that follows. Thank you for reading New Age Creator: You are the Creator of a New Earth and New Age. 

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