Youtube Video For: A Guided Meditation With Titanic’s Ascended Masters

When we think about the Titanic, we tend to think of those who survived the disaster (or maybe even the James Cameron film). What ever happened to the lost souls aboard the Titanic?

Many have evolved into Ascended Masters under Archangel Michael. They are here with messages and even warnings for humanity.

 Their greatest concern at this time is COVID-19, which I believe prompted their contact. Titanic’s Ascended Masters first contacted me on Earth Day 2020. For the time being, my regular guidance, the New Age C, have stepped aside momentarily and have allowed ‘The Titanic’ to come through and they are doing so loud and clear. 

Join me and Titanic’s Ascended Masters on a Guided Meditation journey, where we will also connect with Archangel Michael for guidance and clarity in these uncertain times.

All of my work is completely gimmick free; I am already supporting myself through a career in nursing. My motivation is a love for humanity and the planet, and a desire to see our evolution skyrocket!

An Excerpt from the Meditation:

Open your mind’s eye. Access your inner soul scape and within this inner soul scape, you are standing under a starry sky, on a fair, moonlit night on the shore of a beach. Take a moment to breathe in the sea air and connect with your surroundings. In your hand is a piece of parchment paper and when you open the paper, you see that it is an invitation for you to attend an evening aboard the ship, Titanic.

I welcome your comments, suggestions and feedback. Please note that I’m a total newbie Youtuber and for the most part I am totally winging it. I think the quality of my content comes from Titanic’s Ascended Masters themselves – I hope you enjoy it! PLEASE be sure to Comment, Like and SUBSCRIBE. 

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