Moving Day

Moving Day

There is much movement happening on Earth at this time. That is why we say today is your moving day. True there is movement and circulation of a virus as humankind battles the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This is every bit a spiritual battle as it is a physical battle.

Let us take a moment to remember those lives that have been lost. Let us send love to those souls to ease their pain and suffering and let us send love to the families. The effects of this pandemic will take a long time to heal. The sooner we can process it, the better. It is not the only job to do.

Again, there is much movement happening on Earth. A virus is not all that’s circulating around the planet. There is much more movement than that; some of it good and some not so good. Today is your moving day. You are a part of this. It is written in the cosmos that you are ready to do this and you are moving not only yourself, you are moving the planet. This movement will take place as a result of an awakening to your identity on a massive scale.

Let’s start off simple. If you are walking along the beach, you are the grains of sand you walk on. In the same instance, you are also the beach. You are the ocean crashing to the shore. Then still, you are the whole land mass and you are the planet. You are the entire universe, and the multiverse. You are all of creation. You are creator; in all things as all things as love. We hope it is becoming more clear to you who you are. 

We have a goal. You have a goal. That goal has very much to do with consciousness and identity. This is what you are on the planet to do, you are here to create a movement. This is what we are talking about when we say that today is your moving day. Many of you have been working in teams for many lifetimes to achieve this.

Now that you know who you are, you might as well know who we are! We are a collective of consciousness who wish to be known as New Age C. When we appear in print on this blog, our words will be italicised. Our channel, whose spirit name is Ara, shifts between identities and consciousness and it can be confusing — how do you differentiate between mashed potatoes? Italics will be our calling card. It may not work in other forms of media, but it will work here.

Many seasoned and rather zangy New-agers will recognise our Pleiadian signature. This is true in part, we are here, but this is not everything that we are. Just as the ‘you’ buying toilet paper is not all the ‘you’ that you are. If you are unfamiliar with the Pleiadian energy, we refer you to the original Pleiadian channel on Earth, Barbara Marciniak, author of Bringers of the Dawn.

At New Age Creator, we have merged with other forms of consciousness to introduce you to certain concepts and to achieve certain goals. For these purposes and through this channel, we are New Age C. C stands for many things. First and foremost, it’s a nod to Creator, an ever unfolding identity that you play a part in. It also stands for Communicator, we are very big on communication. Thirdly, it stands for Consciousness, again, an emanation of the utmost importance. And finally, it stands for Collective. The more the merrier.

The essential mission of this blog can be summed up as follows: You are a creator, connected to Big Creator, the Big C, and therefore, you are the creator of a new age. Your memories, which have been slumbering for perhaps thousands of years, are ready to awaken and will catapult you into a completely new paradigm. They say love can move mountains. This is just the start. We say love can move worlds; love can move realities, love can move universes. Love can move creation. Today is your moving day.


Hello, everyone. My name is Ara and I’d like to welcome you to New Age Creator. I’ve been travelling a spiritual path since the 1990’s and have had lots of interesting experiences. I’ve been a reader, healer and teacher at different phases in my life and I’ve finally decided to put myself out there in the online world.

One of my specialties is what I call scribing, which is a written form of channeling. When I scribe, I listen with clairaudience and write down what I am hearing and feeling. While I’m able to trance channel and let my guides speak through me, I find the recovery afterward is difficult. If I’m scribing, I can immediately go about my daily routine after, drive a car, whatever. I can’t do that after trance channeling and it took me years to accept that it’s okay!

As you can see by this post, I tend to get text-heavy. That’s my scribe nature. To make it more accessible, I plan to start shooting YouTube videos and incorporate more multimedia into the platform. So there’s plenty to look forward to, and I look forward to meeting and talking with you all soon. Thank you so much for reading New Age Creator: You Are the Creator of a New Age | Moving Day. Please comment, like, share and subscribe!

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